Don’t cry over spilt milk

don'tcryoverspiltmilkToday, my brother, my grandfather and I went down to the creek. Now, usually, the tadpoles are swarming around this time of year, so I had brought my tadpole catching equipment, hoping to catch some tadpoles to keep for a day or so, returning them afterwards to the safe haven of the little nooks and crannies which were not uncommon at the creek. but when I got there, there was no tadpoles whatsoever. Feeling a little down, but deciding not to cry over spilt milk, I went to play upstream, where there was a bridge of gargantuan rocks, with rapids running in the breaks in the rock. And… what’s this? A giant tree branch had caught in the massive stones. I jumped to the next rock, and gripped the smooth, slimy surface. Goodness, it was taller than me! As soon as he saw the long stick, my brother came to investigate. When he was in earshot, I called out to him, “Let’s build a dam!!” and we spent the rest of the time at the creek building a dam. It just goes to show, you should never cry over spilt milk.


One thought on “Don’t cry over spilt milk

  1. wish you had an iPhone so we could see pix of this, Chook… maybe one day. Until then – your descriptive writing can paint a vivid picture that defies photography altogether 🙂


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