Minecraft madness

Today my brother and I built a mine track in Minecraft. The possibilities were endless, which reminded me that minecraft was the best game ever (so thanks notch ). We made a zombie face with its mouth open and you had to go through. You always got banged by his teeth.

Then, we made a dark tunnel with lava dripping from the roof. I can’t wait to play the P.C. Version! My brother just received the redstone handbook and I read that you can make pressure plates, levers and pistons that power everything from light fittings to monster mini games, including a giant stopwatch and a mine cart

If you are not already a total minecraft fan already, then I suggest you get stuck in to the amazing opportunities this wonderful game offers.

Stevo fights it out with bow 'n arrow

Stevo fights it out with bow ‘n arrow


2 thoughts on “Minecraft madness

  1. This looks like fun. Love to read your stuff LC keep it up PS are there any more pix of you that you can post? 😉


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